Antibody's Unusual Abilities Might Inspire Vaccine Strategies

Antibodys Unusual Abilities Might Inspire Vaccine Strategies.png

The recent discovery of a novel antibody that works in an unusual way might inspire ideas for designing more effective vaccines. Among the common pathogens that could be targeted are urinary-tract infecting strains of E. coli. The antibody appears to have properties that might keep bacteria from adhering to human cell surfaces and also dislodge those already attached.

The researchers reported on the antibody in the May 14 issue of PLOS Pathogens. Dagmara I. Kisiela, University of Washington acting instructor of microbiology, was the paper's lead author. Evgeni V. Sokurenko, UW professor of microbiology, was the senior author. In the study, the researchers were looking for antibodies that go after a protein the bacteria E. coli uses to attach to human cells. This attachment is a necessary first step the bacteria must take to cause an infection.

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